Liberty Tattoo Club

Artist Bio - Michael Noblitt

     I have always had a passion for art but coming into the tattoo industry, I saw more than just art. It's a brotherhood, a lifestyle, a freedom you can only have in this type of career. My mentors have been my biggest inspiration since I have come into this industry but they have led me to some more of the old school traditional artists like Norman Collins, Cap Coleman, Paul rogers, Ed Hardy, etc. 

     My style has been sculpted more around the American traditional style of tattooing but I have found a passion for creating new type fonts and script that are a creative new style of tattoo that is becoming more popular. It gives me the opportunity to harnesses my background in graffiti and calligraphy and turn it into a tattoo. My tattoos are going to be bold, black, and traditionally done every time. Guaranteed.

     "If you ain't about the business, mind your business." - Ab-Soul


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