Artist Bio and Portfolio - Trevor Moss

      I have always been surrounded by tattoos and the culture that follows. The tattoo industry has always fascinated me but the first tattoo artist to truly inspire me was Norman Keith Collins (Sailor Jerry). His art was a big inspiration to me during the start of my interest in tattooing and he still has a big influence on me and my art today. 

      I have always stuck to the American Traditional style of tattooing but more recently, as my skills are always changing and adapting, I have brought a more modern touch into my style of tattooing and  newer color palate. I would best describe my particular style as "Neo-Traditional" a mix of the old and some new. I can guarantee you that my tattoos will remain crisp and vibrant for the rest of your life. And if, for any reason, you should need a touch up? Its always on the house. 

     "Good work ain't cheap, cheap work ain't good" - NKC (Sailor Jerry)

Instagram @trevormosstattoo